Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Highlight or Theory, That is the question

So I already wrote this once and because my computer sucks I lost everything I had. With that said, I'm going to keep this part short. Be on the lookout for my artist spotlight with Ms. Dani Cook poet, author, all-around awesome human being and also check out her album Dysfunctional Dysmemberment on either I-Tunes or Amazon (here). This poem was just finished last night thanks to a beautfiul spirit that inspired me. I'm not sure what I want to name this poem but I've narrowed it to either "Highlight" or "Theory" you all can let me know what you think and offer other suggestions. Here goes nothing.

There's something in your eyes
That makes me wanna know your mind
There's something in your mind
That makes me wanna know the time
And place best suited for this race to your heart

You know the one where
I'm wanting to win it over
You want to keep it from being broken

I know at times love gets lost in translation
Though I'm not saying I'm in love with you
But your words flow like water
Out of my mouth
And into existence

See I believe in you faithfully
While technically we haven't met
You've indoctrinated me
So I'll attest to your teachings

Just lie to me like you mean it
Tell me the truth like it will set me free
Let me belive, what I want to believe

Like I believe in your beautiful spirit
Your kind soul
That, smile that puts my whole world on hold
And even though we've never met

Our energies have crossed paths
And I'm a new being
But don't you dare ask me if I'm heaven-sent
And I won't ask if you're from there

You're too truthful to be human
Too humanly beautiful to be angelic
It must be the God in you
Because you know my heart so well

And although I've never physically been in your presence
Whenever I'm mentally in your presence
I feel connected

And the highlight of my day is when I
Step into my train of thought
And you just so happen to be there

One day I'll gather the courage to ask your name
And we can have this conversation in person
That sounds so good,
In theory

Hope you guys enjoy this. Thanks for viewing.