Saturday, December 24, 2011

Let Me Hold Your Hand

I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking the same thing... What took you so long? I have been on a hiatus to say the least, and while I haven't stopped writing, I have gotten out of my writing "groove" so to speak. So this is me getting my "groove" back.

This post was inspired by my training class at work, I recently shared some poetry with them and was explaining how I was asked to write a poem for a lady about the love she has for her significant other and how while I was intrigued by the idea, I had no idea on where to begin or how to convey her feelings for a man that I know nothing about. So, naturally I've been giving her the run-around about when the poem is going to be finished because one, I haven't begun and two its hard to write a poem when all I have to go off of is his blue eyes and her undying love. Basically, I'm trying to make sure the poem doesn't suck because I have a reputation to uphold, even if it is a small reputation. Anyway, as I began writing this piece on like Sunday or Monday of this past week, I thought about how a simple act of holding hands could mean so much, which brings me back to my training class. One of the ladies said something to the effect of we do a lot of things with people, but we don't hold hands with everyone. Which I would say is true. I can't begin to think of the last time I held someone's hand that wasn't my son or a family member or someone whom I really meant to hold their hand. In some ways holding hands is even more intimate than having intercourse with someone.
There are so many different emotions that go along with holding hands from being scared and needing to feel safe and secure, to being made to feel wanted by your loved one. Which brings me back to the poem for this lady (I know I'm going the extreme seneic route but its been a while since I've been here) I want the poem to convey all of the feelings she wants me to convey through the act of holding hands. I just feel this would be an awesome love poem so with that said, I began writing this like Sunday or Monday and by no means is it finished and it didn't even come out the way I wanted it to. I can't decide if this is a poem or lyrics to a song (Re:Evolution anyone?)

So I will share what I have because I have been meaning to blog for the longest time, hope you all enjoy and leave some feedback and/or comment and thanks for reading, I really appreciate you.

It's been a while,
since we had this time to talk,
to think, to say,
the things we really mean to say

It's been a while,
I remember the day infatuation
faded away
And we were left staring
At the truth of one another,
and there was nothing left to say,
but baby let me hold your hand

Stand the test of time with you,
together we can shine if you,
just let me hold your hand

These questions that I ask of you,
are merely a reflection of who you push me to be,
hopefully I push you too,
out of this plane,
so that we finally learn
we can fly,

But if we should fall
I promise,
I'll be there to hold your hand,
the entire way to the ground,

I'll be grounded when you need me to be,
a silly dreamer if you want that of me,
I'm not asking that you fall for me
I'm simply asking that you
let me hold your hand,

When life's disappointments are too much for me
or nothing goes how it's supposed to be
and when I'm not strong enough
to stand

Baby won't you let me hold your hand
I like how you're not impressed so easily
and the fresh perspective of life you see

But one thing I want you to understand,
we weren't meant to be alone
so let me hold your hand.