Saturday, November 17, 2012

No Title

        Supposedly I'm good with words

                   I've never been much of a match with fears

             Never been able to match my fears

Always let the words lead my pen

   Never write with emotion,

         Never drink when you're sad

              Never think too deeply without pen or pad

                    Thoughts race so quickly,
Get erased so quickly 

    That I can't comprehend

                    Leave pages blank

                              Spaces blank so they'll fill themselves in

                   Fill me in

Where's your mind racing?

                    Wish I could stop chasing

                        Shattered pasts and beautifully broken tomorrows

       Like my words will fix them

                            Never look her in the eyes
          For disappointment is near

                                                   Never trust with your heart

                                   Never listen with your ears

               Don't ask me any questions I can't answer in the mirror

                                                               Don't believe your reflection its mission is clear
       Control and conquer

           It's not you I'm after, it's what's in your dreams

 This may seem sporadic but its all inter-weaved

                           Printed with purpose,

                                     To bring what lies under to the surface

I lie to myself about you until its perfect.

            Because that's how I feel

                                  How does it feel

                                           You asked for my interpretation of life, well, here it is

                              Painted as poem,

                                              Placed as plainly as stars in the sky

                 Free like the spirit in your eyes

                                                                   No need for more imagery because images often lie

                                                    But your energy doesn't

                          Feels good like similes

                                      We're more similar than I believed us to be

 Never believed us to be                                                  means freedom to me
                                      in situations where touching you

                                                 The freedom to see

       that you're gorgeous to me  

                              And maybe give birth to beauty for me.

                                       The beauty to refine lines and replenish lives.

                                               The beauty to take scattered thoughts & make conscious decisions

So what do you decide

      How do you decide

                               What's read between the lines

      How do you decide

                               What's made of our time

                                                                I never claimed to be perfect

                                                                  Never said my words moved mountains

         Or my actions spoke louder

                                 I just wanted to be


                                                Without feeling, 

  Wasn't ready to share my thoughts
                                                        Or emotions
                               I knew I wasn't good enough,
                                                         But you insisted I was

                                                                      Made me feel like I finally got it right

                                                                                                     Finally made sense of my life

 Tried to walk away twice                                       And twice you stopped me

                                        Said I was getting in my own way

               Now you're doing the same

                           And we're doing the same dance over & over again

     You're my infidel, uninvited consumer of my thoughts

                                 Welcomed change of pace