Friday, August 29, 2014

A Series of (mostly) Unrelated Questions

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Long time no post. I've been on my slacking game really hard lately but its about high time that I step up and post some things for those of you who still take the time to check on my page. I appreciate it and I appreciate you. This piece came from a question I had that formulated other questions and I just decided to go with it. I got the idea from a poem I heard Mr. Ed Mabrey do a similar poem and I tried to do something similar. So here goes nothing, as always thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.

What do we mean when we say we want people to be happy?
Why don't we say what we mean?
What is it about some people that sticks to our spirit so long?
Who am I to stand in the way of love? Why does my heart hurt?
Is it medical? Is it mental?
When did it all get so complex?
Where's your head at?
How come its easier to write the things I'm thinking rather than to say them?
Am I afraid of the answer? Do I already know the answer?
What's the point? Can we make it? Do you want to make it?
Am I keeping you from experiencing the love of your life?
If life is ever-changing can we really have a single love our lives?
Where is this going?
Is this a poem?
Is this what I deserve?
Where do I fit in?
Is it enough? Am I enough?
What do I want to know?
Do you ever fall after you've taken a leap of faith?
Where is my faith?
Why do we only want people to be happy when it benefits us?
Are we needy?
Do we really want happiness for them? For ourselves?
What is happiness anyway? Is it overrated?
Do we under rate our ability to be amazing?
Where are the words?
Is it ever truly over? Can we start over?
Is there a beginning and an ending, or are there only hello's and until laters?
Am I projecting? How does it feel when I say I believe in you?
Do you believe in yourself?
What am I believing?
Are we still saving the prettiest lies?
What are we saving them for? Who are we saving them for?
Is admitting defeat the same as losing?
Is grace defined by humility?
Does this sound like music because it feels like music?
Is this freedom I'm feeling?
Is freedom only defined by what you can or can't do or is it more?
If I feel it, is it real?
When do I listen to my soul?
Am I making sense?
Do I inspire you? Do I aspire you to?
Does this type of insecurity go away?
I can't hide it anymore, can you hold it for a while?
Why do some people stay in our hearts and others don't?
What is forever?
How do I find it?
What am I avoiding?
Is it the answer?
Why does my heart hurt?
Do we hurt on purpose?
Do we live on purpose?
Do we love on purpose?
When we hurt why does the lesson never seem important in the moment?
What do you like?
Do you know I always think of you?
Do you think?
Do you think the truth is helpful?
Why did I go back?
Is there an undo button? Is there an unsee option?
Is imitation really flattery in its greatest form?
Do we just want to feel better?
What do we feel bad about?
Am I just a copy?
Am I an individual?
When will the words end?
Where have you been all my life?
Is my life over?
Did I end your life?
Do I make you happy?
Do I make me happy?
Why do we base happiness on other people?
Isn't that too much for them to bare?
Why do we bear the weight of our world?
Shouldn't we ask for help?
Don't we already have help?
Why is my heart still hurting?
Hasn't it hurt enough?
Am I the one hurting it?
Will it ever get better?
Does it heal itself?
What is self?
How do we know when we found it?
Will we look different?
Will we act different?
What difference does it make anyway?
Does it matter?
Do you matter?
Isn't it all matter?

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Re:Evolution of Love The Track List

This post is for those who have been waiting and for those who purchased the preview album at the Slam tonight. Its also for those who just want to know what I've been doing. Also, this may make me actually put out the full version. We'll call this the rough draft.
1) Intro - What is Love by Denise Music by: J. Truth
2) Love Poem #9 Music by: J. Truth
3) Highlight Music by: J. Truth
4) Silhouette Woman Music by: J. Truth
5) The Motto Music by: S. Carter
6) Fighting Temptation Music by: J. Truth
7) The Feeling Music by: J. Truth
8) Satisfaction Music by: J. Truth
9) Bluz Speaks Music by: J. Truth
10) Stalker Poem
11) Feels Like Music by: J. Truth
12) This is Love by Twint4k Music by: Beats by Jake
13) Sinking 
14) Self Portrait Music by: J. Truth
15) Beauty Music by: J. Truth
16) Thankful Music by: J. Truth