Friday, April 18, 2014

Re:Evolution of Love The Track List

This post is for those who have been waiting and for those who purchased the preview album at the Slam tonight. Its also for those who just want to know what I've been doing. Also, this may make me actually put out the full version. We'll call this the rough draft.
1) Intro - What is Love by Denise Music by: J. Truth
2) Love Poem #9 Music by: J. Truth
3) Highlight Music by: J. Truth
4) Silhouette Woman Music by: J. Truth
5) The Motto Music by: S. Carter
6) Fighting Temptation Music by: J. Truth
7) The Feeling Music by: J. Truth
8) Satisfaction Music by: J. Truth
9) Bluz Speaks Music by: J. Truth
10) Stalker Poem
11) Feels Like Music by: J. Truth
12) This is Love by Twint4k Music by: Beats by Jake
13) Sinking 
14) Self Portrait Music by: J. Truth
15) Beauty Music by: J. Truth
16) Thankful Music by: J. Truth