Saturday, March 19, 2011


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chain Letters and the Like

I know it has been quite a while since I've posted but I haven't had constant access to a computer and internet in said time. With that said, this latest poem was/is inspired by a chaing bbm (black berry messenger) that I received tonight. I won't put the message here but let's just say that my poem will explain almost every type of chain letter/email/text. So without further ado, here goes nothing.

I don't see how raising minimum wage in 2008 is going to help me
I mean inflation helps keep me knee deep in debt
So no matter how high minimum wage gets
I still can't afford that Phantom I seen on Trade and Tryon street
Much less alleiviate the stress I feel when creditors keep calling me trying to collect
They ain't getting no money

I ain't trying to get rich quick
I'm trying to get shit done in life
I'm trying to get shit done right now!
Time is money and I don't have much of either

Just a mouth full of ether
Lungs filled with S.A.R.S.
And blood that is lethal
To put it plainly, I'm sick

Not sick like Wolly Vinyl on the mic or
Not sick like CP Maze with metaphors
Sick like you get when you hear another child's body has been found
In a back alley way beaten and raped by a two-time
Convicted child molester

Or sick like you get when you played the lotto all week
Just to see the fifty bucks you spent on tickets
Go to somebody in Iowa, who just hit the jackpot for $450 million

Now all you can think about is how you can get away with robbing and armored truck
Because you just realized your college degree provides you just enough
Opportunity to be over-qualified for flipping fries
But not enough experience to get that $45,000 a year job that you were
Promised when you entered college

As you try and survive your BS nine to five
You also realize that your dreams come true
Through the passion you place and the faith you have in them

Not some dumb chain email that sells
"You've been visited by the wish fairy"
Send this to twenty people in thirty seconds
And the one you secretly love will suddenly realize
They love you, when you've really been held back by
This restraining order

Or the, "send this to 500 of your closest friends
And something amazing will happen to you
Twenty minutes after the 500th person finishes the last sentence
And passes it back to you

Or the, "number one through Z, in the first three
Pick your favorite colors and closest friends
Then pick your favorite month, followed by your favorite seasons
And make a wish

Then send this to eight people you don't know
Wait three days at whatever time you opened this email

Or my favorite, if you delete this email
It means that YOU hate God
And He'll never forgive you for kicking Him out of your inbox.
Which makes sense because I know for a fact that
God checks His reply messages daily

So the next time you receive a message that says,
Do me a favor
Slap the shit out of your co-worker