Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Game Changer

So its been way too long since I've been here and I plan to be here more often but here is a little something I've been working on how you enjoy and let me know what you think

I wanna be next to you like sunsets on Sundays, some days I just like to stare at you, but not in a weird way, in a mind clearing way, I'm admiring one of God's hidden masterpieces

You're the Mona Lisa of my mind, a world wonder no wonder why you move masses when you walk by and rivers still rise to bow in your presence, your imperfections are still perfected

You show me truth when you get naked and I still appreciate it
I still appreciate that life lessons don't lessen the glow of your aura and how your words still flow like water out of my mouth and into existence

And your persistence at being better today than you were yesterday inspire change that can be believed in

All politics aside you're a game changer and I don't need a thousand words to tell you why, they often get in the way,

Like something in the way of things, like similes, like like as, as if it changes everything

You've changed everything from the way I phrase words to the way I say your name. This is what makes you a queen like Sheba, like Cleopatra, like Hatshetsup