Friday, August 27, 2010


Ok so this poem comes from a very personal, frustrated place I wrote it a few years ago and read it to one of my co-workers and he wanted to give it to his then girlfriend to break up with her and he said this expressed exactly how he was feeling. I revised the ending because I couldn't find the original and wrote this from memory until I couldn't remember anymore, so I had to write a new ending.

I'm sinking in this re-la-tion-ship of despair
I just stare off into the cosmos indulged by the night blue sky
Why, questions are always answered with why
Love just ain't the same as she used to be
Incoherent phrases raise answers whose questions have not been posed
I'm supposed to be who I want to be or who you want me to be
And I've been trying
I've been dying for you to accept my prose
But I'll be damned if I'll damn my soul for your acceptance
Who do you expect me to be?
This poem doesn't have any stanzas so where's the break-up?
Make-ups are made much easier when we aren't always right
And I know I made a wrong turn somewhere
My navigational system has flu-like symptoms
And I haiku my passions on paper, excuse me,
You're still infecting my immunity
Your low dosage love just isn't enough anymore
I need you in higher quantities
Spill-proof my heart so if it drops it won't break as easily
Where did we go awry?
How did we board this ill fated ship destined for its destiny
This trip was never intentional
These high seas of hopelessness have taken over my course
Plot me a map that leads to your direction
But this isn't poetry
Where are the rhyming words?
That's what you think of me
Words that rhyme, not an individual expression
And that's what I'm sick of
Being mis-read
Don't read between the lines, there's nothing to interpret
I'm a walking mis-conception and you're a walking contradiction
That's what makes you good for me
So I'll sink until you save me
Because concrete doesn't have much buoyancy
And this two ton boulder hasn't yet been chiseled into who I pretend to be
So I'll keep pretending
If that's what you need from me.

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