Friday, January 14, 2011

From Trash to Treasure

What's up good people,
                As I was going through some papers that I had "filed away", by that I mean were stacked together in a plastic bag in my room, I found a poem that I wrote on 12-19-2005. I know that seems to be such a long time ago, I had just recently graduated college in May of 2005 I had gotten my first "real" job in November of this same year and I was living in my first apartment. I don't really remember if I wrote this for anyone in particular but I read it and I like it, it may even make my next spoken word project. (I know what you're saying, do you have a first project, and surprisingly the answer is yes). In any event at this time in my artistic development I didn't title a lot of my poems and my reasoning at the time was something to the effect of, "I don't want my words to be confined in a box by a title" how lame was that? Most of my work didn't have titles because I could never think of anything creative enough and didn't like simply naming it using a line from out the poem, I wanted something deep, meaningful. In any event I will allow you guys to decide what this poem should be called you can leave comments on my Facebook wall or my email or here or my twitter (imallyg) if you want.

Mesmerized by an unidentified beauty
Highly identified as the one to seek
I seek thee first before the Kingdom of heaven
And that's blasphemous

So hallelujah to your amen and I'm not religious
I'm just a man mesmerized by a beauty
The Mother Mary must have seen with her eyes

Hypnotized by hypnotic eyes that keep me at bay
With their seductive stances
Glances that say more than words can manage

And maybe I'm day dreaming
Maybe I'm not
But I cannot get this woman out of my head
And into my car, plus

She's far too advanced for the far too
Simplistic advances of a man who
Puts too much Em-phasis on his
money or his car, she got both

Most don't know how to deal with a woman
who handles her own work because
They can't feed their own ego's
With the need of an insecure woman

Her insecurities came from the infidelity of her father
And that pushed her farther away from men
To the point she tried women for a change
But found when it comes to love

Men and women are much the same
So the games she play
Arose from the pain she saw
In her mother's crying eyes

So she sacrifices her body
To protect her heart
Rejected attempts to slip her
Defense Systems and touch her soul
Leaves Beauty with a
Cold, empty feeling

Despair displays daily
From her soul's windows
To the projection screens
Of anonymous individuals
That will never know her name

Beauty's brain games brought the beast soaring out her pores
Scarring scores of men with a mark that's
Undeniable and unforgettable
But Beauty's a survivor right,

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