Friday, June 11, 2010

Abstract Train of Thought

In an effort to get through my writer's block my goal is to write for at least 30 minutes everyday without any thought or structure to what I'm writing or how I'm writing, so if it doesn't make sense so be it. So here goes nothing

Rockstar filled dreams seem to be a figment of reality TV

See me I'm more grounded than airborn but I was born to fly if only I could find a way to get off the ground without leaving the ground,

These types of consistent inconsistentsies make me more abstract than normal, maybe. I don't necessarily break down lines by subject, verb or predicate my mind predates time so close to God I never learned to fear, so far away from God I never learned to fear

I never learned to hear the truth until I couldn't bear it no more, no more trouble we don't need I bleed ink hue's and gunshot wounds in the same sentence

Since its abstract trains of thoughts I train my thoughts to be different, I dare to be different.
The difference between you and me, well that's for me to know and you to write about....

Peace and prosperity, J

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