Monday, July 26, 2010

My Vacation and the Insight

So I've been away on vacation for the past week or so and let me say that it was great. I had a great time in the Tri-State area, that's New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) for those who aren't familiar. Anyway it was my first time and I have to say that I absolutely loved Philly, not the killing parts but we didn't go there, New York was hot, literally and New Jersey was well.... New Jersey. All in all it was a great trip to summarize I left a t-shirt on the subway in NY on my way from Brooklyn, I saw a guy on a bike curse out a lady in a car in Philly. Went to South Street in Philly & that was an experience. Went to Times Square and Broadway and by the World Trade Center sites but outside of that we didn't do much on the tourist scene. We did go to an open mic spot called the Village Underground in the West Village in Manhattan that was pretty dope, I saw a total of three sewer rats, two in NY & one in Jersey City. They ranged in size from big, pretty big and Master Splinter who crawled out of the sewer onto the street in NY and I thought it was an opossum. On the way back from our trip we stopped outside of D.C. for a pit stop/bathroom stop at a Taco Bell. Inside my cousin and I were going to the restroom. This particular restroom was one that only had one toilet in it and at the time it was occupied. Now I didn't see a sign or anything so I pushed on the door to attempt to enter but it was locked. At that point a voice shouts out "push on the fucking door again and see what happens." Now this voice was rather deep and sounded menacing (sarcasm) when the guy opened the door, a black guy mind you, what he saw was me 6'1 275lbs and my cousin 5'11 300+ lbs. This guy was about 5'7 or 5'8 maybe 160lbs max so when he came out and saw us his expression turned from menacing to him almost pissing on himself. Now if you know me or my cousin Jermey then you know we are laid back individuals and don't start too much stuff but I just woke up and had a "don't mess with me" look on my face coupled by the fact I hadn't shaved in a week, my cousin who was driving to that point also had a "I'm tired don't mess with me" look to his face too and a full beard so to the person who doesn't know us they probably wouldn't talk trash to us. So after I use the restroom the guy comes up to me and says something to the effect like, "Man my bad I just had to use the toilet & I didn't want to be interrupted," to which I replied "its all good" and walked away. I thought this was the funniest thing to happen on our trip besides the guy who stopped traffic on a back street in Philly to curse out a woman who honked her horn at him, that was classic. Oh I also forgot to mention, Atlantic City is the devil... You may draw your own conclusions here.

As we got back into town, some of my friends and acquaintances were checking in on me to see how the trip was and things and this is what I gathered. A lot of people I know on a personal level feel as if I have the potential to be great, though I can't honestly say that I feel like such a great person or individual. I have heard time and time again that I'm going to do something wonderful and great and change the way people think and feel. I just wonder why I don't see the same qualities in myself everyone else sees in me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm fooling the people I meet and know, am I fooling myself? Do I just not recognize what others are able to see? How does it feel not to live up to your potential, it effing sucks.

Peace & Prosperity J


  1. When everyone else says how great you are, maybe you should believe them. At least act like you believe them. If you fake it long enough, you'll start to actually believe them. People who believe their own greatness straight out of the gate usually turn out to be like Dan. And I'm glad you're not like Dan.

  2. Perry Farrell once said that most of success is believing your own bullshit (I'm totally paraphrasing). I tend to agree, especially since he gets, like, 22 cents anytime anyone says Lollapalooza. A small taste of success, you will find, suits you quite well.

    Hell's Kitchen has the best wharf rats. 49th and 10th in Manhattan. I saw one that had a job and a car payment, about the size of a Pacer. You know it.