Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Poem for the Lost Ones

I never wanted to be the reason he beat her
But every time they got into it I seemed to be the center of attention
I don't remember when it started
But I do remember the crying, the screaming, the begging, the pleading
He always claimed he was no demon
Saying she always provoked it like her breathing was reason enough to
Make the flesh run fresh from her brow
And I sat there speechless, feeling helpless hoping I was dreaming
But his "teachings" as he often referred to them,
Were engraved into her soul like she was touched by the spirit
And he touched her when it was convenient
Like after work, before church, after sessions with his mistress
As if calling her out her name wasn't enough
He wanted her to know how tough he was
And I was the one who suffered through the love taps,
The belt straps and he claimed he was no demon
Saying it was the temptation like 40 days in the wilderness could tame his appetite
For destruction of this woman
And he destroyed her mostly by force and fear
And he claimed he was no demon
But I could see it in his eyes
How they would fill with passion and pleasure as he inflicted pain
Again and again as if her screams were his favorite song on repeat
He hit her repeatedly until it hurt me
Made me bleed internally now I rest eternally
And these words will never be heard
Like I will never be seen or know how it feels to really breathe
And she will never be the same
He claimed he was no demon, my only question is,
Why did she believe him?

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