Wednesday, April 4, 2012

30 Day Poem Challenge... Up Through day 3

Happy new year... Yeah I know its April but its my first post since forever and a day ago. But I'm back because April is National Poetry month. I know I missed Black History month and Women's History month but hey what can I say. My goal is to post 30 poems in 30 days. I will try and post everyday the poem I did so to catch up with the first four days of the month.

Day 1: April 1, 2012            Haiku:
She moves fluidly with the music,
Her steps are as graceful as time

Day 2: April 2, 2012            Haiku
Free speech is a right not to be taken lightly
Think before you speak

Day 3: April 3, 2012          Free Write

Let's Talk, take a minute to focus on words.
Not too careful, not too care free
Say what you mean to me. Don't think
Just say, what feels right pour soul into each word like
It will represent who you'll be remembered as

Don't think, just say what's on your third eye's mind
Just be, like chords that show more theory
Than Big Bang's or conspiracies

Don't think,
Let words flow through, speak to who you dream to be
Even if you aren't sure who that is.
Don't look back on previous lines
They've gone pass like time never goes back
Let the past be the past.

Stop trying to write for audience members
Who will never fully understand what you mean
Just speak, make sure to choose your words wisely,
They shape other's lives.

When you say things, they listen
Listen to your thoughts
But don't think. No censorship because everything has purpose

Ask God, be true to who your core responds to
In moments of anxiety and fear
Do what your gut tells you to do.
Be faithful by taking chances
She's always worth it,

Being random is worth every line.
Don't write because you have to
Write to be free,
Write to be focused
Focus on the things you say.

Say them with dignity and determination
Say them with passion and purpose and prose
Remember being revolutionary has multiple meanings
So don't think, just write.

Choose your words carefully
As if they will be how you're remembered.
Speak with dedication and desire
Empathy and inspiration
Love and understanding
Because we are all just poetry in motion,
A walking mass of words
Energy that's combustible
To set the world a blaze and leave trails
For others to see what all we really gave
To think about the words we say
So don't think, just be
Who ever you are meant to be

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