Monday, April 9, 2012

30 days, 30 Poems: Day 4

So I have been writing just don't have internet access at the crib, so this is where my problem lies. But I have poems four through eight that I'm about to post as I haven't done one for today yet. As always, enjoy and feedback is greatly appreciated..

Day 4: A Poem for my Son

If I never say I love you enough, I'm sorry
I know I'm not the man you need me to be
Or the man I know I can be, but I'm with you
I'll never forget you or what you mean to me
So don't let anyone draw conclusions for you

When the storm clouds form & the rain starts to fall
I hope you feel my love in the wind
I hope it carries away those empty feelings
Those lonely feelings
And I know words aren't actions
But don't think they aren't important

So it's important for you to know that I think of you as often as I breathe
And I know I'm not perfect, I won't pretend to be.
I still remember, listen to the sound of the wind
If you can hear it, listen with your heart.
To the whispers that will comfort you,
Just listen, to the howls of the wind,
Let it remind you of a time when everything was peaceful.

I remember, the feelings, all of them
Good and bad, right and wrong,
You will feel them too.

Know that storms come & go but the wind,
The wind moves thoughts & emotions & sends messages
So you are not alone because I'll always be in the wind
Whether its a summer breeze
Or the eye of the storm, thinking of you
Wanting you to learn to move like the wind
Be strong but gentle
Felt but unseen
Known but not understood

Son I just want you to think free, like the wind.

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