Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9/30 Well Technically

OK, so this poem was technically written on 3/27/12 however, I think its a dope poem worth sharing. It came on a sleepless night when Rose Royce was on Pandora.

Sleep don't come easy
For lover's who keep picking at the scabs of their wounded pas
                                                            Sleep don't come easy
For writer's who block the path of words by choosing not to write
                                                          Sleep don't come easy
For mother's waiting for the return of their son's, whose last words were
"I'll be right back", who knew death sentences were as simple as Facebook statuses
Or as complicated as laws that say the last man standing can claim self-defense
Whether or not the victim was pleading for his life.
9-1-1 tapes are a joke in your town and Public Enemy number one
Wear hoodies and eat skittles
Or have football scholarships and are about to be somebody.
                                                              Sleep don't come easy
For father's who pray that their sons and daughters make it our of adolescence and into adulthood safely
                                                           Sleep don't come easy
For the broken-hearted who refuse to take a chance on love for fear of falling
Or the heart-broken who didn't get a chance to make amends & say goodbye to their loved ones
                                                      Sleep don't come easy
In the early hours of the morning when the holy spirit is speaking through you or
Speaking to you through song
                                                Sleep won't come easy
For the inmate on death row, convicted of crimes not committed
No retrials or appeals
No stay of execution
No presidential pardons
There's no rest for the weary or the soldiers
We all must carry on,
Rest when we die and sing our redemption songs
Songs of freedom
Know that
                                   Sleep won't come easy
But joy
Comes in the morning

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