Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Poems, 30 Days - Day 6

Gorgeous look, softly gazing my way
Her eyes melt my ice box, stone-faced barrier
Her smile, reminds me beauty is only skin deep
So I get lost in those soul searching windows
Searching for her truth,

Wondering if she's knowingly doing this to me
Or if it's accidental like an F sharp
In the middle of an E minor chord,
Her theory is undeniable

She still doesn't know,
I still haven't told her she's my dream girl
But somehow we're still here in this moment.

She brushes her hair from her face so gently
I'm wondering if she's doing this to me on purpose
Like my purpose for being is
To be mesmerized by her subtleties
She subtly moves in a direction closer to me
And my breath escapes me

She smells like angels ought to smell
Everything about her is perfect, yet I know she isn't
She moves like the daughter of the wind
And in an instant
She's gone with the wind
Nothing more than a memory
And a reminder
That time waits for no man
So if you're going to do it,
Its best to do it now

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